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Día Internacional de la Danza 2017.

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Classic Ballet Cancun is a dance school incorporated into the Ministry of Education created and directed since 2010 by Rivers Lis Vega, Bachelor of Arts majoring in dance performances Ballet at the Higher Institute of Arts of the University of Havana, Cuba. The school has participated in important local, national and international events such as the International Meeting of Academies for the Teaching of Ballet (Cuba), International Havana Ballet Competition, Cuba, Havana International Festival, City in Movement (Cuba), International Festival Of Dance (Córdoba, Veracruz). She won 3rd place in the National Ballet Competition Children and Youth 2013 and the 2nd place nationally in the 2015 edition at the hands of Celine de la Garza, a student at the school was invited to participate in the TV show national Big Boys (TV Azteca) for his great achievements in such a short time career. On the other hand, choreography tourists, choreography by Mariangel Giraldo Rios inspired by the main tourism in our destination, was a finalist in the renowned international competition Youth America Grand Prix, with the delegation of Ballet Cancún the first quintanarroenses to compete in this fought final in the city of New York with dancers from Brazil, the United States, Japan, among others. Despite not having obtained medal, the delegation received an excellent rating of 94.6 points by the jury. This year, Ballet Cancun is organizer and host the International Festival of Ballet Cancún 2017, in which students participate Mexico and the United States, who aspire to scholarships from prestigious ballet schools Mexico, Cuba, the United States and Brazil. The Festival will culminate with a Gala Closing where large companies known figures of world ballet will be presented, mostly for the first time in the city. Juliet Doherty and Slawek Wozniak of the Phoenix Ballet, Taras Domitro of the San Francisco Ballet, Adiarys Almeida, First Dancer and International Guest Artist, Jorge Barani of the Kentucky Ballet Theater, Blanca Ríos and Argenis Montalvo, of the Company National Dance are some of the stars who will participate in this year’s Festival.

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